Wedding Planning Timeline Overview

Congratulations! You’re engaged! You are about to embark on one of the most exciting seasons in your life and say, “I Do” to the one who will hold your heart forever. Wedding planning can seem like a daunting task with a million different things to get done, which is why we recommend breaking it up into monthly section to help you breeze through the planning process! Check our planning timeline overview, then head on over to The Knot to sign up for the easiest wedding checklist app that you never knew you needed!

Step 1: Big Picture

The most asked question the second you get engaged will be, “When’s the date?” So, it is easy to see why we recommend setting a date, establishing your budget, booking your venue and beginning to contact your vendors as your step one. All of these things are intertwined with the other and are necessary components to figure out before you can move on in your planning journey. You will be so glad you got these big items checked off of your wedding planning list

Step 2: Personalize Your Day & Say YES To Your Dress

Now it is time to personalize all aspects of your big day! This is where you choose the look and feel of your wedding day, picking colors, attire and flowers. You will create your guest list and get your Save The Dates out the door so people can mark their calendars! The best part? You get to book your appointment with Ellynne Bridal to find the dress of your dreams! (If we’re being honest, this is our favorite step!) We recommend that you take some time to look at a few things you are interested in or don’t want, then bring about 4 of your most important decision makers to your appointment for an experience you will cherish long after the “I Dos”.

Step 3: Finalize Your Essential Wedding Vendors

You are definitely going to want to begin having long talks with your future spouse about which vendor to allocate what amount to, so we recommend really nailing down your vendors in this step. You will need an excellent photographer, a band or DJ, a caterer, florist, wedding coordinator and bakery! It may seem like a lot at first, but it can be so fun to get to know your vendors and the people that will make your wedding day magical!

Step 4: Send Out Invites & Create Wedding Website

Now that you’ve got those gorgeous engagement photos back, you can create your invitations and wedding website. Your invites and website are really where you will set the tone for your wedding guests. If you are hosting a black tie affair, go with a more elegant look. Relaxed and laid back? Let your invites and website aesthetic showcase that. Don’t be afraid to specify exactly what you want your wedding guests to wear, it helps take the guess work out for your favorite people! Don’t forget to grab the registry scanner and begin choosing everything you’d both like to register for. You will want to make sure this is included in your invitations and on your wedding website.

Step 5: Schedule The Pre-Parties

You will want to narrow down who will be planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party! Make sure to stay up to date with the planners to ensure they have the proper guest list and their vision for the party matches yours. These parties are a great time to relax and enjoy being a bride. No planning, no stress and endless amounts of fun!

Step 6: Make Final Adjustment

It’s all in the details for this step. You will begin to confirm wedding guests, finalize rental orders, the catering menu and begin to schedule your wedding week and wedding day. This step can start to feel overwhelming, so we suggest putting together a Wedding Dream Team! Find your most trusted bridesmaids, moms, sisters and aunts or hire a wedding planner and delegate wedding jobs out to each person. You will feel a weight off your shoulders and everyone will look forward to feeling important and helpful.

Step 7: Eat, Drink and Be Married

You’ve made it! It is the week of the wedding and all of the little details are falling into place. This is the time to take a once over on the details and then hand off the wedding planning binder to your planner. Enjoy a stress free rehearsal and prepare yourself for one of the best days of you life! Take in all of the little moments with your future spouse. The wedding week and day is fleeting, so it will be important to take some time to just enjoy all of the hard work you put in to making your dream wedding a reality.

Just remember that your wedding day is completely unique to you and your future spouse. Make sure to carve out time to enjoy one another and maximize your time together. The wedding day is fleeting, but your marriage is forever.

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