Wedding Dress Preservation

Waking up on the day of your wedding comes with most exhilarating excitement and anticipation. You are so close to walking down the aisle in your dream wedding dress and marrying your forever person! It is a day and feeling you will never forget! The day will go fast, but the memories will last a life-time and your wedding dress is something you will cherish, reminding you of how beautiful you felt saying “I Do” to the love of your life. Here at Ellynne Bridal, we love wedding dresses, like really love wedding dresses and that is why we want to help you preserve your gown long after you leave our store.

Did you know that most wedding gowns are hand-made, intricately designed with delicate fabrics, beading and sewing techniques? This is why wedding dress preservation is so important to keeping your dress looking like new for years to come. Wedding gowns cannot be cleaned and hung like any old dress, they need detailed cleaning and practiced hands preserving them. Wedding dress preservation can prevent oxidation, mold, fabric creasing, yellowing and disintegration.

How much does preserving your wedding dress cost?

Ellynne Bridal partners with The Gown Preservation Company to offer preservation kits for $225. We always keep preservation kits in stock, so stop in or give us a call to purchase one today!

What happens during the preservation process?

-First, your gown will be cleaned of about 95% of all stains from the wedding day. The gown cleaners will go over your gown with a fine-tooth comb.

Next, for an additional fee, you can have your gown repaired. An expert seamstress will bring your gown back to its original, beautiful state.

Finally, your gown will be packaged and stored in the preservation box! Your dress will be packaged with special paper inside a special box to resist moisture, acids and other elements that can lead to the aging of your dress.

I have my preservation kit, now what?

Once you have your kit, you will simply need fill out the enclosed Pre-Paid order form, use the materials provided to pack up your gown, and attach the Pre-Paid Ground shipping label. Once your gown is received, it goes through the cleaning an preservation process. You can expect to wait about 4-10 weeks for your gown to arrive back to you to ensure each gown receives the individual attention it needs.

Can I send anything else with my gown?

Yes, you may also send items such as your veil, headpiece, gloves, garter, moneybag, handkerchief, slip, flower girl gown, etc. All of these things can be preserved. Additional fees may apply.

Preserving your gown with a professional preservation company like our partner, The Wedding Gown Preservation Company, is the best way to go if you want to keep your gown looking beautiful for years to come. It is worth the investment to keep your gown to show your future children and to remind you of the love and happiness you shared with your spouse on one of the best days. For more information about wedding dress preservation or to purchase a kit, please call us at (402) 489-7770.

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