The Best Valentine’s Inspired Wedding Ideas

It is so crazy to believe that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! Although love should be celebrated on a daily basis, this holiday is always so special and a fun way to celebrate each other! Do you have any big plans for the day? Let us know what you will be doing this Valentine’s Day in the comments below!

Today on ‘To Have and To Hold’ we are bringing you the cutest inspiration for a Valentine’s inspired wedding! From strawberry flavored beverages, to stunning decorated cakes and breathtaking decor- we are showing you all of our favorite Valentine’s inspiration below!


The way the venue looks will always be the first thing that your guests notice when they arrived. Make sure you throw a wow factor at them as soon as they walk into the room! Above are just a few of the different ways in which you can spice up the table decor.

You can create a few different looks around this theme. Use lighter shades of pink and white tones to create a very fun, flirty, and fresh look! You can also use deep, dark, and rich tones in the decor to make the setup appear more elegant and romantic!


The cake is the best part of the wedding, am I right?! haha totally just kidding but it is definitely a major part of the wedding receptions that definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Everyone loves cake and wedding cake is always known to be the best of the best!

We love the different ways that these cakes above were elevated to another level. You can easily incorporate pops of red in your cake by adding a few berries here and there! A red velvet cake would also be perfect for the theme! These all look so yummy, we want to try every single one!


Roses and more roses! The best part of a Valentine’s themed wedding is that it will always look so romantic and elegant when you start to decorate everything! Roses are a very beautiful and romantic touch. If you are wanting to use a lot of rose petals, save yourself some money and buy the fake petals online in a bulk order! We especially love the idea of having your guests throw petals at you and your partner as you walk out of the church. The pictures will also turn out SO awesome from this!


We can’t forget about all of the yummy drink possibilities out there! We think all of the drinks above are so fun and they look adorable as well! If you don’t want to invest in a handful of different types of mixes for cocktails – we suggest having a signature Valentine’s Day Mr. and Mrs. cocktail at your wedding! The guests always find this fun and it’s nice for people to try something new!

Whatever you may be doing this Valentine’s Day, we hope that you have a very special, and fun day filled with lots of love! Cheers!!

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