Groomsmen Attire Inspiration

Let us talk fashion! Men’s wedding fashion that is. At this point in wedding planning, you have found the dress of your dreams and you have even picked out the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses! Now it is time to have fun with helping the guys in your wedding party look dapper as ever as they walk down the aisle! This is best time to collaborate with your groom and decide on a look that works with your style and wedding day aesthetic. Some couples opt for the classics, others love patterns or the low maintenance look.  

The Classic Tuxedo

Ah, the classics! We love a good black or navy tuxedo with a handsome bow tie as much as the next girl! This is a great option for couples having a more formal ceremony or wanting a clean, crisp look for their wedding party. Pair this classic look with a bow tie or tie that matches your bridesmaids color for a cohesive and clean look on your wedding day. Bonus if you mix up this classic look for your groom by having him stand out in white as well! Scroll for the pic that has us swooning!

Texture, Texture and More Texture

The best part about being a bride in 2020? You make your own rules! Not only can you ditch tradition (sorry grandma!), but you can make everything completely tailored to you and your groom’s personality, including the menswear! We are L-I-V-I-N-G for these textured looks and we love that the subtle silks, dreamy velvets and

Patterned Jackets and Ties

This is where your groom and his groomsmen can really stand out and take your wedding party’s look over the top! Patterned suits, vests and ties are the perfect touch to showcase your personality! Mixing patterns and opting for this look can really drive home the vibe and aesthetic for your big day. This can also be a great way to set your man apart from the crowd and allow him to really feel special on your wedding day!


This is no longer just a bridal look, it’s a whole MOOD! Not only can you WOW your guests in one of our Boho inspired gowns, but your future hubby can too! Try to find light, airy fabrics that you can layer to create depth and dimension! If you are wanting a darker look, opt for a rich color that will complement your wedding colors to pull it all together. Better yet, ditch the jacket, add a hat and show your style with a vest!

What ever your style, we know it will be perfect for you as you begin forever with your groom! Plus, ask us how we at Ellynne Bridal can help you achieve the perfect colors, patterns or look for your groomsmen with our new Sorella Vita Menswear Collection!

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