Our Favorite Father-Daughter Wedding Moments

Here at Ellynne Bridal, we love weddings. Like really love weddings. We love the engagement stories, the “I said Yes!” at Ellynne Bridal moments, the wedding planning and all things in between. But, most of all, we love hearing about your wedding day and the things that made it so special. One of our favorite parts of a wedding, has to be the love and anticipation between a father and daughter on one of the biggest days of both their lives. There is nothing like scrolling through our brides’ wedding pictures and seeing the joy on a father’s face during a first look, the sweet walk down the aisle and of course, the incredible father daughter dances. So, grab some tissue and try to make it through our top 3 favorite father-daughter wedding moments!

The First Look

This is the moment that not only our brides look forward to, but their dad’s too. It is the moment that you, his little girl, will stand before him looking like a radiant young woman. It is the first time, for many of our brides, that your dad will see you in your wedding dress. This day that felt so far off the first time he held you in his arms. This is such a special time between you and your father just before the walk down the aisle and you will cherish the pictures from the first look for the rest of your life.

Walking Down the Aisle

In a few moments, you will be joined in marriage to your husband, but not before the highly emotional and anticipated walk down the aisle. This can feel like one of the longest, but yet, also one of the shortest walks of you and your dad’s life. You will be feeling every emotion possible, all while your dad prepares to let you go to step into the role of wife. This is the moment in photos that have us gushing over how beautiful and beaming our brides are, but we are also shedding a tear (or five!) over the look of love and pride from her dear dad.

The Father-Daughter Dance

Que the music! The father-daughter dance is such an amazing way to honor the bond between you and your father, but to also celebrate you taking the next step in becoming a wife! The best part about the father-daughter dance is that it can be completely unique to you and your dad’s style! We love that the traditional song is such an intimate moment between you and your dad shared on the dance floor (we’re not crying, you are). We are also huge suckers for the the twists on tradition that has some of our father-daughter duo’s busting out some sweet moves and showing off their personality!

To be honest, we aren’t quite sure where we would be without our dad’s. They are the most caring, selfless and wonderful guys we will ever know! They deserve so much more, than just a single day. Ellynne Bridal celebrates Dad today and every day, Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there that make our brides feel so special! Life just wouldn’t be possible without you!

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