Haven’t you heard..? Mix-and-match is in!

Trend Alert: Mismatched dresses are in!

Are you looking for more ways to have your bridesmaids personalities shine? You can add a unique flare to your bridal parties dresses in a variety of ways. Here are four mix and match trends if you are looking to forego the classic monochromatic look.

1. Same styles, different colors

If you’re hesitant about diving into these new trends, dip your toe in by choosing one or two dress styles that compliment your maids and choose colors in the same hue, but different shades. Or, you could pick colors that match the color story/theme of your wedding. A simple change in color can create a whole new vibe to your bridal party while still looking classy and coordinated.

The same style dress, but in two different coordinating colors.
Simple yet elegant with a variety of blue tones.

2. Texture Texture Texture

If you’re feeling glamorous, spice up your bridal party dresses by mixing textures. Lace, velvet, floral, sequins and intricate beading can all give a quirky customized look to your group. The combination of textures and beaded details throughout your squad will make for a balanced and elegant look. Your maids can really show off their personality through the fabric they choose, plus you can still keep it cohesive by sticking to a single color or hue!  One of our personal favorites, are the blush and dusty rose tones that can look great year round.

Unique yet cohesive prints, patterns and styles.
Blush dresses with a variety of floral lace, beading, sequins and tones.

3. Gold anyone?

pop the champagne (colored dresses are trendinggg!) Brides are loving keeping things tonal and dressing their maids in gold sequins, champagne colored dresses, and lots of beading. You can add a variety of fabrics such as satin, chiffon, velvet or beading to make each dress stand out. Neutral and earth tones are trendy… and timeless. You can spice things up by putting your maid of honor in a different color that matches your theme as well to provide some dimension to the group!

Spicing up the neutral colors with fun beading!
Gimme all the neutrals!

4. Shoe game strong

If you love the monochromatic look of the same dress in the same style, you can mix it up by letting your maids wear whatever heel they want! It’s a small detail that can really add to their outfits without taking away from the overall look of the bridal party.

Check out those shoes!

Whether it’s sequins, unique dress styles, a fun pop of color, a bold print or just different shoes, these trends are going to make your bridal party’s personalities shine! Stop into our store to find your perfect look! Our expert bridal consultants will help bring all these trends to life.



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