Who Should I Bring To My Bridal Appointment?

Shopping for your wedding gown can be one of the most exciting times in your engagement journey. As you prepare for one of the biggest days of your life, there are so many big decisions you will make and special moments you are preparing for.

While you might already have an idea of who you are wanting to share this moment with. In this blog post we will go through some of the many things you should really consider when choosing who you are bringing to your bridal appointment.

When choosing who you want to bring to your bridal appointment, make sure that you are choosing the people that have your best interest at heart and people that are level headed. You definitely want your group to bring their own honest feedback and opinions, however, you want to make sure they are understanding toward other opinions.

Consider Your Style

Make sure that the people attending this appointment with you are considering your personal style. Even though it is nice to have all of your bridesmaids along, it may be hard for them to favor gowns that fit best with your personal style. Some might simply love the gown because they subconsciously want to wear it themselves. Along with realizing your personal style, you will find your own bridal gown style that you lean towards. It is important to realize that you may love something a little off the beaten path than what you usually tend to gravitate towards and that is okay!

MOH & Besties

Your best-friend or maid of honor is one person in which you should think about bringing to your appointments. This person is so special, they serves a unique purpose in your life, and know your personality to a T. They will be the person that will always be on your side and stand up for you if there are any strong opinions between your group. Your best- friend should also be completely understanding and respectful of your judgement and ability to make the final decision

Family Matters

Mother’s and grandmothers have been looking forward to this day long before you have! They held you as a baby and dreamed about the day they would watch you walk down the aisle on your big day! They love you and would do anything for you! These would definitely be important people you would want to consider bringing to your appointment, because they have known you the longest and they aren’t afraid to share their opinions. To avoid any stress, make sure your boundaries are clear and your thoughts are heard before you go wedding dress shopping. These conversations are very important to ensure that nobody will be upset if you don’t pick their favorite dress. We highly recommend having an open, honest conversation with whoever is paying for your gown to make sure all expectation are clear! It is most important that you get the dress of your dreams stress free!

Emotional Stress

Although many bridal TV shows make it seem like you will only know you have found your dress once you or your mother have shed a tear, this is not always the case. Don’t let this deter you from saying yes to your favorite dress! Everyone is different, so don’t put the added stress on yourself of needing to cry when you find the perfect one. There are so many different times throughout your engagement where you may or may not get emotional, it is perfectly normal to react in different ways!

What we’re saying is, at the end of the day pick the special people in your life that will give you the most genuine and authentic opinions. Your bridal shopping experience is supposed to be filled with lots of joy and excitement, after all you are marrying the man of your dreams! You only get to be a bride once, so make the most of your experience and choose your bridal squad wisely. We definitely don’t want you to have second thoughts about anyone that you invite this appointment. All eyes and attention should be on you!

Surround yourself with people who will make you feel like the queen that you are!



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