A New Normal: Reopening Ellynne Bridal

As we prepare to open our doors to welcome back our wonderful future and current Ellynne Brides, we’d like to take some time to outline how this new normal will look to everyone who walks through our doors.

A New Look

While our doors have been closed for the safety of our brides, community and staff, we have had a small team working behind the scenes taking care of things on the back end! As you arrive at Ellynne Bridal, you will notice that our beautiful store has received a face lift, complete with elegant new furniture, radiant light fixtures and a fresh new paint job! We will be offering the same exceptional Ellynne Bridal service that you know and love, just in a more contemporary upscale look!

Safety Precautions

Ellynne Bridal’s utmost priority is the safety of our brides, her guests and our staff, which is why we will be putting a few safety precautions in place to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe while shopping for their perfect wedding day look!

  1. One at a time, please! We are operating by appointment only and taking only one bridal appointment per time slot.
  2. Safety first! We ask that if you or either of your guests are feeling under the weather, have traveled outside the state of Nebraska within 3 weeks prior to your appointment or have been exposed to COVID-19 that we reschedule your appointment.
  3. Wash your hands! Upon arrival we require that our brides and their 2 guests wash their hands with soap and water prior to entering our suites. Don’t worry, we will have some fun singalongs posted in our bathroom to keep you occupied while you scrub!
  4. Less is more!  We are strictly limiting the number of guests allowed to come with each of our brides to 2 guests. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in our store at this time. We are enforcing these rules to comply with CDC and local government mandates of no more than 10 people in our store at any given time.
  5. Sit back, relax and we will do the dress pulling! Upon arriving our experienced consultants will usher you in to your private bridal suite (with washed hands, of course), get to know your unique wedding style and pull beautiful selection of gowns perfect just for you! We ask that our brides and their guests remain in their private suite and do not touch any merchandise outside of what our consultants bring to you.

Say Yes to the Dress

While we understand that you are under a lot of stress planning a wedding during this uncertain time, we want you to know that we are here for you! We will celebrate with you, crying tears of joy and looking forward to those beautiful wedding photos of you saying “I Do!” Additionally, once you become an Ellynne Bride, you will gain exclusive access to our new members only Facebook group, where you can chat out ideas with other Ellynne Brides, ask questions and enjoy access to exclusive Ellynne Bridal content!

We can’t wait until we can celebrate, receive hugs from our brides and enjoy the sound of a busy Saturday, but until then we will all do our part to make this new normal the best and most safe dress buying experience! We are excited to see you and look forward to having you as an Ellynne Bride!

To make an appointment, call our store at (402) 489-7770 or visit our website www.ellynnebridal.com/appointments.



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